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Common Car Insurance Discounts

Getting a good price on your auto insurance policy is something everyone strives for. Though there are methods of reducing your insurance rates from the outside looking in, there are also internal methods of reducing the price of your policy. These reductions are known as discounts, and there are numerous discounts that you might not even know that you qualify for. While some discounts are calculated automatically, there are others that will require you to speak up and let your agent know about. Here are five of the most common discounts and how you can meet the qualifications to take advantage of them.

    1. Multi-Line Discounts: A multi line discount is just a fancy way of saying that you get a discount for having multiple insurance policies through the same company. This can mean multiple vehicle policies or multiple policies in general. For example, most auto insurance agencies also insure homes and boats, as well as renters and even your health. As such, if you want to get a good sized discount on your insurance, then consider getting another policy through your company.
    2.  Anti-Theft Discounts: One of the biggest risks for an auto insurance company when they choose to extend coverage to your vehicles is that the vehicles will get stolen. In the event that your vehicle ends up in such a situation, your insurance policy will cover the worth of the vehicle at the time that it was stolen. As such, if you were to get an anti-theft system installed on your vehicle, or you purchase a vehicle with such a system, then you can get a discount for reducing the risk that the company takes when they insure you.
    3. Safe Driver Discount: Again, insurance companies take a risk when they insure a person that is considered in a high risk category. People in such categories are often seen paying hundreds of dollars more than people who have clean driving records. In this manner, it really does pay to keep your driving record clean and your driving safe. Not only will this save money on your policy now, but years into the future as well.
    4. Good Student Discount: The more that you can establish that you are responsible and that you make good decisions, the cheaper you can get your insurance policy for. This is because you are considered less of a risk if you can provide proof that you are capable of making good choices. One such method of proving this is by showing the company your good grades and your high GPA. Good student discounts exist for people of various ages as well; from new drivers in high school to more seasoned drivers in college.
    5. Safe Car Discounts: A safe car is a vehicle that will get into fewer accidents over the total life of the vehicle. This means that your car insurance will turn out cheaper if you have a vehicle that has lots of safety features. There are discounts for cars that have anti-lock breaking systems as well as anti-theft features and even certain airbag configurations. Be sure to ask about the safety features that will net you a discount before you go shopping for your next vehicle so that you can save some cash in the coming months.