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Five Choices for a Teenagers First Car

Finding the right car to serve as the first car that your teenager will own is not always a simple task. While most kids are happy to be out and driving no matter what, getting your child a vehicle that they will like does have some effect on the final outcome even if you have already seen how high car insurance quotes are for your child. On top of all else, we want a car that is safe for our teenagers, especially since they don’t have much driving experience as of yet. Finally, we want a vehicle that can be paid for with cash so that there are no outstanding payments that might end up as the parent’s responsibility. All in all, it’s a lot to ask when you are searching for a vehicle. Thankfully, however, there are a few cars that fit the bill perfectly. From high safety ratings, to proven reliability, the following five vehicles are considered the best for new teenage drivers around the nation. 

1.    The Honda Civic: This vehicle is one of the more popular cars, especially with the younger generation. Not only does it get anywhere from 26 to 40 miles per gallon of gas, making it an affordable vehicle to fuel, but it also is known for outlasting all of its vehicle peers. With the abundance of aftermarket parts and easily accessible parts, these vehicles are easy to fix and upgrade no matter what your teenager wants from their car.

2.    The Toyota Corolla: Another vehicle that is known for low maintenance costs and high reliability, the Toyota Corolla is a common sight in many high school parking lots. This vehicle might not be the sportiest vehicle that your child might see, but it does come with solid construction, great fuel economy at over 25 miles per gallon in the city, and a price below ten thousand dollars if you look at a model from 2005 or older.
3.    The Ford Focus: This little car by Ford is well known for both reasonable pricing and great gas mileage. You can get a lot of bang for your buck when you choose to purchase a Focus, as a brand new model only retails for about twelve thousand dollars. These vehicles are small and nimble and are great for avoiding problems that larger vehicles would get into. While it is a fairly new model, the reliability index for the Focus makes it one of the more reliable vehicles out there, which makes it a good choice overall for your teenager.
4.    The Nissan Maxima: The Nissan Maxima is a car that is known for its upgraded features and its reliability. Many of the older models are still in great condition with features that rival modern day choices when it comes to cars. As a medium sized vehicle, the Maxima is great if your teenager will be transporting instruments or friends, and it gets great gas mileage, which will cut down on the costs you and your teenager will be paying for fuel.
5.    The Mazda Protégé: Need something a little bit on the sporty side? The Mazda Protégé is just that; a sporty car that provides safety for the occupants, a decent fuel efficiency, and an affordable price. While this vehicle is not known to excel in any one given aspect of vehicle ratings, it does do well on an all around basis. For teenagers that need to have a vehicle that looks like a sports car, this is a great alternative.

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