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Low Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

While many people will be quick to tell you that younger drivers will always face higher car insurance premiums, there are three specific things that such drivers can do to find lower rates. Younger drivers are not doomed to pay more for car insurance; invoking these three discounts can greatly reduce the price that they are required to fork over.

Free Car Insurance has completed a study that can help younger drivers pay less for car insurance.

It may seem quite difficult, if not impossible, for younger drivers to find cheap car insurance, but in reality there are a few common discounts that can help drastically reduce the costs associated with a policy appropriate for the younger generation. By claiming one or more of the following discounts, as uncovered by Free Car Insurance Quotes.Org staff during a recent study, young drivers can save quite a bit of money on a vehicle policy every person is required by law to have anyways.

Good Grades

One of the most commonly claimed young driver discounts is the price cut that can be obtained by showing an insurance company a report card with high grades on it. The dedication and responsibility that is required to receive a higher GPA bleeds over into other areas of life such as into driving habits. When a student gets good grades, they are more likely to drive safer than students who do not bring home A’s and B’s. As such, don’t be afraid to show off good grades and get the discounts that are associated with them.

Taking a Class

The more a person knows about something, the more proficient they will be at it. This goes as much for driving as it does for many other things. Therefore, taking an extra class and gaining proficiency in a specific skill such as driving a vehicle can often result in lower car insurance premiums. Why? Car insurance companies know that higher proficiency behind the wheel means that there is a much lower associated risk factor. Because insurers know they will face having to pay out money less often for drivers in this category, they are often willing to cut deals and provide insurance for less.

Safe Driving

Of all three of the discounts Free Car Insurance Quotes.Org staff uncovered during the study, the safe driving discount is the most important. This one discount extends in scope much further than just within the category of young drivers. As such, it is vital for all young drivers to be aware of their driving record so that it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a substantial safe driving discount well into the future.

The Secret to Lower Rates

Claiming one, or more, of these discounts is the first step to getting cheaper car insurance for younger drivers, however, it is not the only way. Thanks to the FreeCarInsuranceQuotes.Org comparison engine, finding the perfect company and car insurance policy is easier than ever before.

Tanner Smith, a member of the research team who worked on the discount study, sums the findings up quite simply. “Since risk measurements vary from one company to another, it is important to compare the costs of one company with those of other companies based on the same insurance policy.”

Because it is so important to compare these rates, putting the simple comparison engine to work may be more worth it now than ever before. By employing this simple tool located at, young drivers can get on the right path to finding affordable coverage today.