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Privacy Policy

This document outlines the methods of collection and the information collected by, hereby known as ‘The Site’, so that consumers can understand how their personal and impersonal information is used. The following information will allow consumers to make informed choices on what information to provide and what information to avoid submitting.

The Information We Collect

The Site collects two different kinds of information about visitors. The first kind is personal information that can be used to identify you. The second kind of information is impersonal information and cannot be linked to you in any way.

We collect personal information such as names, addresses, and email addresses in order to provide you with the information and services that you request.

Email is another form of submission, and The Site may choose to keep any emails that you send to us.

Impersonal information, such as time of access, speed of connection, location, dates, and websites visited before ours is collected in order to provide you with a better internet experience. The Site uses this information to optimize for users and to provide feedback to advertising agencies on the effectiveness of certain campaigns or ads.

How the Information is Used

Impersonal information is stored in cookies and can be used to ensure your website experience is tailored for you. Such information is used to provide a persona shopping cart or optimized services made just for you.

Personal information is used only for the services that we provide such as car insurance quotes and email newsletters. Occasionally, we may also use this information to contact users to let them know about changes that have been made to the site. We may also contact you with special offers that we feel would be interesting to you. Opting out can be done easily by contacting The Site in writing.

Third Party Partners

The Site might enter into certain business deals or partnerships with third party companies at any time. At such times, your personal information might be shared with these companies to provide you with information and services that we feel you would be interested in. The Site has determined that your information will be used responsibly before any information is shared with such third parties.

These other companies may provide or facilitate services that are offered on The Site. One such example is a credit card processing company or a third party that provides customer support. Information that you submit may be provided to these third parties in connection with the business. Be aware that if The Site is sold, all information kept by The Site will be transferred to the new owners. This can include any personal information that you have submitted.

No third party content or data is the responsibility of The Site in any way. If you choose to follow any links on The Site that lead to another site, you take responsibility for the use, or inability to use, the third party site. Remember that when you visit another site via a link on The Site, this privacy policy will no longer be in effect. You are encouraged to read the privacy policy on that site to see what you will be agreeing to when you use their services.

Additions of Services or Changes

Personal information can occasionally be used to inform users of changes that have been made to the site as well as any new services that we think will be of interest to you. Opting out of such communications can be accomplished by requesting such in writing.

Security of Your Information

Much like other commercial websites, The Site uses modern security measures to protect your information. All submissions are encrypted with 128 bit encryption and all submissions use Secure Sockets Layer security. Contact The Site with any questions or concerns regarding the security of your information.

Information Disclosure

There are a few instances where The Site may disclose the personal information that you have submitted. The Site may do this in order to comply with a subpoena or other legal proceedings. The Site may also disclose your information if it must do so in order to protect its own property and rights or other users that visit The Site.

Consent You Provide

By using The Site, you consent to the stipulations included in this Privacy Policy. You are encouraged to check this policy for updates and changes, as even though The Site will do its best to inform users of changes, you are ultimately responsible for knowing what you are agreeing to.

When you submit your information, you agree to allow The Site to provide and share said information with any insurance agents or companies and carriers so that they might provide accurate insurance quotes according to your needs as stipulated on our form. We work with both local and national companies.

The Site may also disclose your information to certain companies in our insurance network. Members of the network may, in turn, disclose your information to their own networks, suppliers, or vendors so that they can gather information to provide an accurate insurance quote.

Consent is also granted to all insurance agents and companies who want to obtain a credit report prior to making an offer of insurance. This also means that you authorize the credit reporting company to offer these agents and businesses a current report. Once obtained, your report cannot be shared with anyone else, however other agents can apply to obtain one for themselves.

Sometimes, insurance agents or companies may contact you directly to verify the information that you submitted.

Additional Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact The Site with any questions or concerns that are not covered in this privacy policy.