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Sweet Sixteen: Getting Your Kids A Car Without Breaking The Bank

Has your child been asking for a car since training wheels? Have you decided her sweet sixteen birthday is the perfect time to grant her wish? If so, you’re probably looking to save money and still buy a safe and reliable car.

Sweet Sixteen Getting Your Kids A Car Without Breaking The Bank

Forget New, Buy Used

Did you know that a new car loses roughly 40 percent of its value the first five years? It hardly ever makes sense to buy new, and that’s especially true when you’re buying your teenager’s first car. Used cars Kansas City residents love the most are those that have already depreciated but still look and drive fine.

Get The Word Out

Mention to your friends and coworkers that you are in search of a quality used car. Many parents have found the perfect car for their teenager through the grapevine. Give folks an overview of the kind of car you are searching for without mentioning price. Price is something best left discussed between you and the seller only.

Take It To A Mechanic

The cheapest car could cost you a lot of money if it needs expensive repairs. Bring the car to a trusted mechanic before you hand over any cash. Be aware that a car might look fine and still need extensive repair work under the hood. The only time it makes sense to buy a car like this is if you can do the work yourself.

Do Not Buy At Auction

Car auctions are all the rage but if you speak to an experienced mechanic he or she will probably advise you not to consider this route. Many auctions offer cars as is, and often you aren’t even allowed to sit in a vehicle before you bid on it. Unless you have extensive knowledge, it’s better to leave the auctions to the professionals.

Take Your Time

Feeling rushed is a sure way to make a quick decision that you later regret. Don’t feel pressured to purchase a car right away, and don’t allow your teenager to make you feel as if it’s a do or die situation. The more time you have, the more rational decision you will make, and that kind of decision will save you money.

Pass On The Goodies

The most important consideration when it comes to buying a used car for your teenager is to find a safe one. You don’t want to lay awake at night worried because your child is late coming home, so find a car that’s mechanically sound and make sure it has good tires and easily passes inspection.

The above tips should help you find the perfect used car for your teen’s sweet sixteen.

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